Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing Officer - Wednesday & Thursday

As an extension to our school’s Wellbeing Program, Jody Yandle fulfills the role of Student Wellbeing Officer on Thursdays. This is a school initiative which continues to support our belief in educating the whole child.

Jody holds a Diploma in Counselling, Certificate IV in Mental Health, Certificate III in Community Services, has over 12 years’ experience in CFA Peer Support (post trauma & referral liaison) and many years on North Eastern Victoria Regional CFA welfare committee. She is continually participating in professional learning specifically aimed at primary school-aged children, has participated in the ECHO Youth Services Mentor Program in partnership with Emerald Secondary College and has 18 years’ experience in the education support sector. Jody also currently works at Blackwood Centre for Adolescent Development in Hallora three days each week in the role of Student Welfare Officer.

Our school's wellbeing focus currently concentrates on supporting those students and families experiencing personal difficulties and also facilitating whole-school social and emotional learning programs. We have established partnerships with community support agencies that can provide extra assistance when a need arises and will continue with our popular parent education programs.

Jody will work closely with Deb Herrmann and Alesha Sangster to fulfil the goal we have as a school to assist our students to develop into happy, confident and well-rounded young people.

Assistance can be offered to students with concerns surrounding:

  • Friendships
  • Change
  • Family Situations
  • Grief & Loss
  • Loneliness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety & Worries

Students can work individually, in small groups where students have similar needs or general interest groups to practise friendship and social skills. If it is deemed appropriate, students/families can be referred to specialised support provided by psychologists, counsellors or other agencies.

Our students can access this service in a number of ways, including:

  • Parent request
  • Student request
  • Classroom teacher request
  • Principal request

The appointment of a Student Wellbeing Officer intends to provide our students with extra support. Whlst our students can speak informally with a staff member at any time, parents would always be informed of the request for a formal session with the Student Wellbeing Officer so that consent, communication and follow up between home and school can fully support the child. Casual interactions may occur at school at any time and parents may be notified if deemed appropriate.

We require that written consent from parents/guardians be received prior to the provision of formal services. Parents/guardians and students are advised that participation in all services is voluntary. Parents will also be informed of the nature of the service to be provided, the role of the Student Wellbeing Officer, the type of information that may be collected and the reasons for its collection, conditions applying to disclosure of any information and any right of access to the information.

Confidentiality and its limitations in the school environment is discussed with students in an age-appropriate manner.

If you have any further queries regarding The Patch School’s Student Wellbeing Officer role, please don’t hesitate to contact the Principal, Debra Herrmann , Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator, Jane Capon or the Student Wellbeing Officer, Jody Yandle .

KidsMatter at The Patch!

This year, during every lunchtime play, there will be two or three Grade 5/6 KidsMatter students stationed at the Buddy Bench.  Their job will be to help other students with issues such as not being able to find a friend, or solving small disputes about taking turns or rules of a game. Sometimes, students just need someone to listen. If students cannot find anyone to play with, there is also a backpack of activites that students can do. Thank you to the KidsMatter Student Action Team, who has given up at least one lunchtime per fortnight to help other students at The Patch PS.

Two of our students doing their first shift on the Buddy Bench.

"We are members of the senior KidsMatter team. Our main aim is to make our school a better place! We have started a new program for children in the playground when they are having problems with friends or have no one to play with. We will be around the Buddy Bench in brightly coloured vests helping your children. Thanks!"
 By Tameem & Amy