School Purpose

School Vision

We believe that every student who comes to the Patch Primary School is unique, capable of learning and able to develop the skills to be a thoughtful, positive and compassionate member of the community. We will encourage our students to build on their strengths, overcome their challenges, extend their creativity and develop an ethical system based on respect, responsibility and resilience.

School Mission

We are part of an interconnected community of students, parents and teacher. Together we will strive to reach our vision by providing an innovative learning environment, a supportive emotional environment, a cooperative social environment and a safe physical environment that meets students' needs while respecting our unique heritage.


To achieve our vision we believe that the following qualities should be encouraged in students:

  • A sense of identity based on an understanding of themselves, their families and their community.
  • A sense of integrity based on a personal ethical system that includes consistently treating others in an honest, compassionate and cooperative way.
  • A sense of community based on connecting with others, understanding diversity and a respect for the rights and the views of others.
  • A sense of determination based on being challenged, thinking creatively and critically, having a positive approach to learning and being confident and resilient enough to take risks and learn from both mistakes and successes.

Underlying the Patch Primary School Codes of Conduct is the belief that as a community we are united by our common desire to provide a learning environment that meets the needs of all students. In recognising this all members of our school will respect the rights and views of others.