Community Groups

We are always looking for new members to join our Community Groups.

Recently we held an introductory community meeting in the school library to discuss and establish ways in which parents and families can be more involved in school life. A number of newly created groups that aim to address specific needs in the school have been formed and are listed below. These groups are very fluid and will always welcome anyone who can lend a hand at any time. If you would like to add your name to any group please email the school your group preference and contact details; we would love to hear from you!

The events group has begun meeting to prepare for our upcoming Autumn Festival, our Weed Group meets in the garden from 12.30 to 3.15 every Thursday until the Autumn Festival, the Chook Group is looking to repair a few structural issues with our chook shed before we can install some new chickens and the art group will kick off shortly (we need to identify projects, times and students). If you would like to run some art projects with a small group of senior students please see Michelle Rayner. The Buildings and Grounds members are happy to be contacted when simple maintenance tasks are required; the Friend-Raising group aims to introduce new parents to others in the school; the Pizza Oven group will take responsibility for occasions when the oven is in use (eg. Autumn Festival), the Food Forest Group will prune and maintain our orchard (some summer pruning due now), the Willow Weavers Group will oversee the willow domes - pruning, weaving prunings, etc, and the Class Representatives Group are the liaison people who will act as conduit between the teachers and the parents. This is an important role and a number of the classes are not yet represented. Please consider this role as it will improve communications between all members of your child's class (if interested, please email me your details). The Fundraising group has been absorbed into the Events group. We also have a Well-Being group, Kinder Liaison group, Uniform Shop group, Book club Group, Grant/Award Application group, School Banking group, Publicity group, OSHC group and Animal Carers group (for our eco-centre animals).

We are open to new ideas, please let us know how you might help.

For further information, please see Michelle Rayner.