School Values

The values which sustain our school community and provide us with an ideal for our interactions with each other are:

  • a sense of identity based on understanding ourselves, our community, our own past and the story of our unique land and its people;
  • a sense of integrity based on an ethical system that includes consistently treating others in a truthful, compassionate and cooperative way;
  • a sense of community based on connecting with others, understanding diversity, respecting the rights and views of others and living sustainably in an interconnected world;
  • a sense of determination based on being challenged, thinking creatively and critically, believing in our ability to achieve our best and being resilient and persistent enough to take risks and learn from both mistakes and successes;
  • a sense of humour.

Underlying The Patch Primary School Codes of Conduct is the belief that as a community we are united by our common desire to provide a learning environment that meets the needs of all students. In recognizing this, all members of our school will respect and value the rights and views of others.

The Patch Primary School Codes of Practice: CODES OF PRACTICE