Emergency Information

Bushfire & Emergency Management

The Patch School has an extensive Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that is reviewed annually. We are also fortunate to have staff with skills in first aid, emergency response and fire fighting.

We have many students who walk or catch a bus home from The Patch Store. However, on Total Fire Ban days we insist that a parent or guardian pick them up from school if at all possible.

Children are not allowed to walk home from school on TFB days without written consent from their parents or guardians.

You will find the EMPs for the school and also for our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) Service below:







External Emergency Information

For further information on bushfire and other emergencies, please visit the websites listed below:

DEECD Emergencies & Natural Disasters

Country Fire Authority (CFA)

Vic Emergency


Days of Extreme and Code Red Fire Danger

In the interest of the safety of our students, families and staff, The Patch School will
be applying to the Department of Education & Training (DET) for permission to close on days where the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme and definitely close on days when the Fire Danger Rating is Code Red, as per DET policy

As our school is on DET’s Bushfire At-Risk register, The Patch School WILL BE CLOSED on Code Red days

Where possible, when a Code Red day is declared, you will be notified between 4-6 days beforehand BUT it may be as little as 3 days. Once confirmed (no later than 1pm the day before the anticipated closure), regardless of any late change in the expected weather, the school will be closed and this will not change.

Due to the elevated bushfire risk, there will be no staff at school on these days.

Updates on school closures can be found on the DET Emergency Management web page.

On days of Extreme Fire Danger, The Patch School will apply to DET for permission to close

As per Code Red days, if closure is approved, there will again be no staff at school. If this occurs, families will be notified using several communication methods (no later than 1pm the day before the anticipated closure) so please be aware you may receive the same information more than once. This is because we must be absolutely sure everyone in aware of this situation.

Information about the current and expected Fire Danger Ratings can be found in weather forecasts on daily news programs, published on websites and in newspapers, broadcast on radio, on the CFA website and through CFA’s Fire Ready app.

Please download the PDF below which includes more information and a form which acknowledges that you have read and understand the procedures on days of Extreme and Code Red Fire Danger at The Patch School.

Acknowledgement of procedures